Tool guideline

SpirPro user interface with 6 analysis and visualization tools for integrated data:

a. 2D-gel Images (proteome level), b. Snapshot interactions (proteome & interacteome level), c. Inter-pathways & d. Effect on Metabolism (proteome, interacteome, and metabolic pathways), e. YTH Experiments (interactome), and f. CyanoCOG (proteome & genome).

1. 2D-Gel Images (proteome level)
2. Snapshot Interactions (proteome & interacteome level)
3. Inter-pathways (proteome, interacteome, & metabolic pathways)
4. Effect on Metabolisms (proteome, interacteome, & metabolic pathways)
5. YTH Experiments (interacteome)
6. CyanoCOG (proteome & orthologs)